June 28 - July 3

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Here is the current list of accepted abstracts and uploaded 1-page summaries. Stand by for other submitted abstracts and summaries to be listed as soon as the organizing committee reviews and accepts them. Authors who have so far submitted only the 200-word abstract are asked to follow up by submitting a 1-page summary pdf file that includes title, authors, affiliation(s), an expanded version of the 200-word abstract, along with figures and references where appropriate. The 1-page summaries will appear in the conference program. The oral and poster presentation schedule is available at the program page.

Author Title Files Organization
Anderson, Sean M. Theory of surface second-harmonic generation for semiconductors including effects of nonlocal operators 1 Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, A.C.
Arzate, Norberto Study of the optical spin and current injection on In-adsorbed Si(111) surfaces and MoS2 monolayer 1 Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica
Barrette, Andy G Defect-Assisted Relaxation And Recombination In Monolayer MoS2 [none] Andy Barrette
Bauer, Klaus-Dieter Quadrupolar Contribution to SHG from Ab-initio Methods 1 CDL-MS-MACH (Christian Doppler Laboratory for Micr
Bechstedt, Friedhelm Modeling of optical properties of 2D crystals: Silicene, germanene and stanene [none] Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena
Borensztein, Yves Single and multilayer of silicene questioned by STM and optical measurements 1 Institute for NanoSciences in Paris-Univ. Paris 6
Bosch, Roger HEC Advanced critical-point modelling of the second-harmonic response of atomic layer deposited zinc oxide 1 Eindhoven University of Technology
Carriles, Ramon Second Harmonic Spectroscopy of Strained Silicon Layers 1 Centro de Investigaciones en Optica AC
Chandola, Sandhya Optical and electronic properties of quasi-1D gold nanowires on Si(553) surfaces 1 Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften -
Chendong, Zhang Unravelling Electronic Band Structures of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides: exciton binding energy in atomic layer semiconductor 1 Depart. of Phys., UT Austin
Cho, Yujin Characterization of stress fields around Through-Silicon-Vias by second-harmonic scanning microscopy 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Cho, Yujin Second-harmonic Characterization of ferroelectricity in double perovskite structures 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Cobet, Christoph In-situ study of nanoscopic transformations of metal surfaces in electrolytes by means of polarization optics and STM 1 Johannes Kepler University
Coello, Victor Coupling efficiency of light to surface plasmon polariton on a polymer-metal interface [none] CICESE
Craig, Timothy J Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy as an aide to cancer diagnosis 1 University of Liverpool, UK
Cricenti, Antonio Metallic nanoparticles as observed with a SNOM: Theory and Experimental results [none] National Research Council
Crut, Aurélien Quantitative optical spectroscopy of single metal nano-objects 1 FemtoNanoOptics group, Institut Lumière Matière
Davidson, Roderick B All-Optical Field-Induced Second-Harmonic Generation 1 Vanderbilt University
Esquivel-Sirvent, Raul Optical Tuning of Near Field Heat Transfer at the Nanoscale [none] Instituto de Fisica, UNAM
Esser, Norbert Vibrational properties of metallic nanowires on semiconductor surfaces 1 Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften
Finazzi, Marco Enhanced second harmonic generation from multiresonant plasmonic nano-structures 1 Politecnico di Milano
Fleischer, Monika Plasmonic nanostructures in hybrid configurations 1 University of Tuebingen
Furchner, Andreas In-situ infrared ellipsometry at solid--liquid interfaces of functional polymer surfaces 1 Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften -
Gomez-Diaz, J. Sebastian Giant nonlinearities and topological transitions in engineered metasurfaces 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Gundogdu, Kenan Electron Valley Relaxation in Single Layer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides [none] NC State University
Hao, Kai Intrinsic Exciton Linewidth in Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides [none] University of Texas at Austin
Heinz, Tony F Two-dimensional materials beyond graphene: Atomically thin semiconductors [none] Stanford University
Hidalgo, Francisco Understanding optical activity in ligand-protected noble metal nanoparticles: intrinsic and geometric chirality 1 Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia
Hidalgo, Francisco First-principles calculations of electronic and optical properties of multilayer WS2 1 Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia
Hingerl, Kurt Microscopic model for electric field induced second harmonic generation on various silicon and zincblende interfaces. 1 Johannes Kepler University
Hogan, Conor Optical characterization and electronic doping of atomic chains on vicinal Si(111)-Au surfaces 1 CNR-ISM, Rome
Hogan, Conor Absence of silicene structure in Si/Ag(110) nanoribbons 1 CNR-ISM, Rome
Jarrahi, Zeynab Understanding ultrafast relaxation dynamics of hot carriers and phonons at the graphene-diamond interface [none] Vanderbilt
Krzyzanowska, Halina Understanding of efficient infrared emission from Er-doped SiO2/nc-Si multilayers under optical and electrical pumping [none] Vanderbilt Univeristy
Li, Yilei Linear and second-order nonlinear optical response of atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenide crystals [none] Columbia University
Loumakos, Loucas Fingerprinting bond reactions on vicinal Si(001) by single-wavelength optical second harmonic generation [none] The University of Texas at Austin
Martin, Christopher M Simultaneous Spatial and Temporal Focusing for Laser Surgery of Tissue [none] The University of Texas at Austin
McGilp, John F Temperature dependent studies of capped magnetic nanowires using XMCD 1 Trinity College Dublin
McGilp, John F Optical characterisation of plasmonic nanostructures on planar substrates using second-harmonic generation 1 Trinity College Dublin
Mochan, Luis Second harmonic generation in nanostructured metamaterials 1 UNAM
Mohammadi Estakhri, Nasim Wave Manipulation Using Metasurfaces 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Monticone, Francesco Embedded Photonic Eigenstates: Towards Ideal Light Localization and Confinement in Open Nanostructures 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Noguez, Cecilia Plasmonic Response of Nested Nanoparticles with Arbitrary Geometry [none] UNAM
Patterson, Charles H. Au at the Si(111) surface: atomic and electronic structure and optical response 1 Trinity College Dublin
Pedersen, Thomas G. Intraband effects in excitonic second harmonic generation [none] Aalborg University
Petek, Hrvoje Multi-dimensional multi-photon photoemission at metal surfaces: excitons and polaritons 1 University of Pittsburgh
Pucci, Annemarie Increasing the infrared vibrational signal enhancement with resonant plasmonic nanorods 1 Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Univ. Heidelberg
Ramm, Adam S Optical Characterization of Temperature-Dependent Microstructure of Polymeric Asphalt Binders 1 University of Texas
Raschke, Markus B Seeing With the Nano-Eye: Accessing Structure, Function, and Dynamics of Matter on its Natural Length and Time Scales [none] University of Colorado
raseev, georges Plasmon resonances fingerprint in the reflectance, power density absorption and photoelectron spectrum of flat metallic surfaces. 1 Institut de Sciences Moleculaire d'Orsay, Universi
Reilly, Chris S Probing Si(100) structure with aligned scattering of molecular hydrogen [none] University of Texas at Austin
Reitböck, Cornelia Probing the chain-length dependency of an organic self-assembled monolayer by sum frequency generation spectroscopy 1 Christian Doppler Laboratory for Microscopic and S
Riefer, Arthur Influence of many-body effects and temperature on the LiNbO3 band gap studied from first principles [none] Theoretische Physik, Universität Paderborn
Roke, Sylvie Water, charge and living cells 1 Laboratory for fundamental BioPhotonics, EPFL
Salazar-A., Ramses V. Second-Harmonic Generation of Organic Molecules Encapsulation within Boron Nitride Zigzag Nanotubes 1 Centro de Investigaciones en Optica
Schubert, Mathias M New microscopic imaging concepts for molecular surface monolayer properties using highly-ordered three-dimensional nanotopographies [none] University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Shafiei, Farbod Near-field optical second-harmonic microscopy of submicron anti-phase domains 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Shafiei, Farbod Suppression of anti-phase domains in polar semiconductor films on nanostructured nonpolar substrates observed by optical SHG microscopy 1 The University of Texas at Austin
Shih, Chih-Kang Low threshold all color plasmonic nanolasers [none] The University of Texas, Physics Department
Shvets, Igor V. RAS and spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of nanoparticle growth using grazing incidence deposition and faceted substrates [none] Trinity College, University of Dublin
Subramanian, Kaushik Two approaches to study threshold enhancement during ultrafast laser induced bubble formation in nanoparticle - liquid suspensions [none] University of Texas at Austin
Supplie, Oliver Time-resolved RAS during formation of GaP/Si(100) heterointerfaces in MOVPE ambient 1 TU Ilmenau, Institute of Physics, PV Group
Supplie, Oliver The atomic structure of the GaP/Si(100) heterointerface: A combined in situ RAS, in vacuo XPS and ab initio DFT study 1 TU Ilmenau
Tarun, Orly B Label-free imaging of water at freestanding planar lipid membranes: a multisite optical voltage probe 1 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Trolle, Mads L. Observation of strong excitonic resonances in the second harmonic spectrum of bulk MoS2: Experiment and theory 1 Aalborg University
Vazquez-Nava, raul A Second-harmonic generation of nanotubes: First principles studies [none] Centro de investigaciones en Optica
Yildirim, Murat Maximum Imaging Depth Improvement with Third-Harmonic Generation Microscopy in Turbid Tissues [none] The University of Texas at Austin
Zahn, Dietrich R.T. Surface and Interface Properties of Semiconductor Quantum Dots Studied by Raman Spectroscopy [none] Technische Universität Chemnitz
Zahn, Dietrich R.T. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Ultra-thin Organic Films on Ordered Metal Nanostructures [none] Technische Universität Chemnitz
Zapata, Reinaldo A Optical spin polarization in hydrogenated graphene structures 1 Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, AC