June 28 - July 3

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Invited Speakers

  • Yves Borensztein (Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, France)
    Single and multilayer silicene questioned by STM and optical measurements
  • Christoph Cobet (Johannes-Kepler Universität Linz, Austria)
    In-situ study of nanoscopic transformation of metal surfaces in electrolytes with polarization optics and STM
  • Aurélien Crut (Université Lyon, France)
    Quantitative optical spectroscopy of single metal nano-objects
  • Marco Finazzi (Politechnico di Milano, Italy)
    Enhanced second harmonic generation from multiresonant plasmonic nano-structures
  • Monika Fleischer (Universität Tübingen, Germany)
    Plasmonic nanostructures in hybrid configurations
  • Andreas Furchner (Insitute for Spectrochemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Germany)
    In-situ infrared ellipsometry at solid-liquid interfaces of functional polymer surfaces
  • Juan Sebastian Gomez-Diaz (University of Texas - Austin, USA) Giant optical nonlinearities and topological transitions in engineered meta-surfaces
  • Kenan Gundogdu (North Carolina State University, USA)
    Electron valley relaxation in single layer transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Tony F. Heinz (Stanford University, USA)
    Two-dimensional materials beyond graphene: atomically thin semiconductors
  • Francisco Hidalgo (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia, Spain)
    Understanding optical activity in ligand-protected noble metal nanoparticles: intrinsic and geometric chirality
  • Conor Hogan (Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy)
    Optical characterization and electronic doping of atomic chains on vicinal Si(111)-Au surfaces
  • Hrvoje Petek (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
    Multidimensional, multiphoton photoemission at metal surfaces: excitons & polaritons
  • Annemarie Pucci (Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany)
    Increasing infrared vibrational signal enhancement with resonant plasmonic nanorods
  • Markus Raschke (University of Colorado - Boulder, USA)
    Seeing with the nano-eye: accessing structure, function and dynamics of matter on its natural length and time scales
  • Sylvie Roke (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Water, charge and living cells
  • Matthias Schubert (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)
    New microscopic imaging concepts for molecular surface monolayer properties using high-ordered three-dimensional nantopographies
  • Chih-Kang (“Ken”) Shih (University of Texas - Austin, USA)
    Low-threshold all-color plasmonic nano-lasers
  • Igor Shvets (Trinity College - Dublin, Ireland)
    RAS and spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of nanoparticle growth using grazing incidence deposition and faceted substrates