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approvedosi11_mcgilp2.pdf2015-04-21 06:22:36John McGilp


Author: John F McGilp
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2015-04-20 02:42:07

Co-authors: L. Persechini, R. Verre, C. M. Smith, K. Fleischer, I. V. Shvets, M. Ranjan, S. Facsko

Contact Info:
Trinity College Dublin
School of Physics
Dublin,   2

Abstract Text:
Off-normal, polarization dependent second-harmonic generation (SHG) measurements were performed ex situ on plasmonic nanostructures grown by self-assembly on nanopatterned templates. These exploratory studies of Ag nanoparticle (NP) arrays show that the sensitivity of SHG to the local fields associated with the morphology of the NP layer makes it a promising fixed wavelength characterization technique that avoids the complexity of spectroscopic SHG. By choosing the plane of incidence orthogonal to the NP array direction, it was shown that the p-polarized SH response, as a function of input polarization, is very sensitive to NP morphology, with a change of 20% in the aspect ratio of the NPs producing a variation of a factor of 30 in an easily measureable ratio involving in-plane and out-of-plane tensor components. The results show that such a fixed geometry could be used for the in situ characterization of anisotropic nanostructure morphology during growth by self-assembly, which could be particularly useful in situations where rotating the sample may be neither desirable nor easily accomplished.

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