June 28 - July 3

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Author: Igor V. Shvets
Requested Type: Pre-Selected Invited
Submitted: 2015-03-30 12:30:01

Co-authors: Igor Shvets, R. Verre, O.Ualibek, K. Fleischner

Contact Info:
Trinity College, University of Dublin
Trinity College
Dublin,   2

Abstract Text:
We describe novel method for fabrication of plasmonic nanoparticle arrays. The method is a bottom-up fabrication. The optical properties of the arrays can readily be tuned in a highly controlled fashion to cover the entire visible spectrum and even beyond by changing the growth conditions. The technique is based on a glancing angle deposition on stepped single crystalline templates of Al2O3, MgO, Si(111), SrTiO3. It is demonstrated that the technique is valid independently of the deposited material as evidenced by the growth of ordered nanoparticle arrays of Ag, Au and Cu. Furthermore, the morphology of the systems grown can be changed by changing the deposition parameters and monitored in real time by using Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy installed in the vacuum deposition chamber where the growth takes place. This allows a complete tuning of the plasmonic resonances. We model optical properties of the array using dipole-dipole and higher order simulations to achieve excellent comparison between the model and the experimental spectral characteristics of the arrays. Finally, the self-assembled noble metal nanoparticle arrays have been used as building blocks for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) experiments, demonstrating a strong enhancement in the Raman signal measured.