June 28 - July 3

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Author: Friedhelm Bechstedt
Requested Type: Oral
Submitted: 2015-03-24 07:58:05


Contact Info:
Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena
Max-Wien-Platz 1
Jena,   07745

Abstract Text:
The graphene-like but Si-, Ge-, and Sn-derived honeycomb crystals have attracted much attention due their unique properties [1] and their realization in experiments [2]. We study their optical properties by means of ab initio electronic-structure calculations. The relation of the optical conductivity of an infinitely thin sheet crystal to the modification of absorbance, transmittance and reflectance is derived. Such optical conductivities are determined within a supercell approach [3]. Independent of the group-IV element and the degree of hybridization a universal IR absorbance ruled by the Sommerfeld finestructure constant is found [4, 5]. We demonstrate that near van Hove singularities in the visible and UV frequency range significant modifications of optical properties even due to an atomically thin layer occur [3, 6].

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