June 28 - July 3

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approvedosi_11_extended_abstract.pdf2015-03-27 04:37:26Timothy Craig


Author: Timothy J Craig
Requested Type: Oral
Submitted: 2015-03-20 02:02:54

Co-authors: : M.R.F.Siggel-King, G.Holder, A.Cricenti, M.Luce, P.Harrison, D.S.Martin, M.Surman, S.D.Barrett, A.Wolski, D.Dunning, N.R.Thompson, G.Smith, D.M.Pritchard, A.Varro, S.Chattopadhyay, P.Weightman.

Contact Info:
University of Liverpool, UK
Brownlow Hill
Liverpool,   0000000

Abstract Text:
Physical techniques have often found applications in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This talk presents the use of a scanning near field optical microscope (SNOM) used with the infra-red (IR) free electron laser (FEL) on the ALICE accelerator in Daresbury, UK, for the characterization of esophageal tissue extracted from patients who are at risk of developing cancer. These preliminary experiments demonstrate the potential of the technique for yielding a diagnostic for esophageal cancer and for improving understanding of the physical and chemical changes associated with malignancy on a sub-cellular level. This approach also has the capacity to provide similar diagnostics for prostate, cervical and other cancers for which cytology, biopsy, and endoscopy techniques can be used to extract tissue from individuals who are at risk of developing these diseases.