June 28 - July 3

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approvedabstract_georges_osi_texas_june_2015.pdf2015-03-20 06:19:50georges raseev


Author: georges raseev
Requested Type: Oral
Submitted: 2015-03-16 17:18:06


Contact Info:
Institut de Sciences Moleculaire d'Orsay, Universi
Batiment 210, Campus d'Orsay,
Orsay,   91405

Abstract Text:
Using a new model, we calculate the plasmonic resonance reflectance, power density absoption, induced by the laser electron density and photoelectron transtion probability of flat Al(001), Al(111), Ag(001) and Ag(111) surfaces. In the long wavelength regime the laser-matter interaction in the surface region give rise to an atomic size variation of the laser field. This variation is taken into account by solving classical Ampère-Maxwell and Schrödinger equations function of spatial coordinate. Comparison between the observables directly related to the laser field and the photoelectron transition probability permits a detailed understanding of the properties of the plasmonic resonances on flat metallic surfaces measured in the experiments.